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  • A network of Catholic family and professional leaders
  • How the Leadership Network (SJLN) was founded

Lead in your Family

As families become more and more under attack from this modern culture, it is imperative that we have strong leaders in our homes. The Saint John Leadership Network provides many resources to help you be a leader in your family, including: retreats, workshops, networking and prayer. Join likeminded Catholic leaders today!

Lead in your Profession

Traditional leadership concentrates on behavior in the workplace. Catholic leadership requires concentration on the heart which transforms your professional leadership. The Saint John Leadership Network provides training and opportunities to integrate the whole person–where faith and profession meets. Join us as we raise up saints to lead!


  • Dec 5, 2021
  • Dec 11, 2021

Rise Above: What’s Holding You Back?

Join us for a week-long immersion retreat consisting of two days of AUDEO™ Leadership formation with Fr. Nathan to explore what’s holding you back from chasing the desires…

  • Dec 28, 2021
  • Jan 1, 2022

Winter Excursion 2021

Come celebrate the new year backcountry skiing or snowshoeing at Lost Wonder Hut with Fr. Nathan December 28-Jan 1! After arriving in Denver, participants stay over at the…

  • Dec 16, 2021


Come join us as Dr. Wallenfang fields your questions about Catholic philosophy, theology, and leadership. This is your chance to pose whatever questions you would like to a…

  • Dec 2, 2021

Phenomenology III – Ethics and the New Evangelization

Come join us as we explore the place of ethics within the method of phenomenology. How does phenomenology promote contemplative prayer? How does contemplative prayer, in turn, promote…

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Formation on the go: Deepen your faith. Strengthen your leadership.

Glance at the Gospel Audio Messages

2 minute-long homilies for your family every Sunday with Father Nathan.

Dare Great Things Podcasts

Inspiring messages of encouragement from God’s word to the heart of leaders in business and culture.

Spirituality of Leadership calls with Fr. Nathan

Find out what the Bible says about leadership in your profession or family with these 30-minute phone calls.