Together with the Saint John Leadership Institute and Eagle Eye Ministries, our mission is to inspire, equip, and engage Christians to lead their family, business, and culture.

The Saint John Leadership Network was founded to provide a space for Catholic leaders in the business world to network, to receive formation, and to grow in friendship with Christ on their path to sainthood. Often, the spiritual needs of the modern leader, both in the home and in the workplace, are either ignored or aren’t properly addressed. Father Nathan Cromly, CSJ, founded this organization as a response to that need. The SJLN strives to help our members lead a truly integrated life by bridging the gap between faith and the professional life by providing a variety of formational opportunities to grow as parents, business leaders, and spouses, so that our members are living a truly integrated life.

Who We Are

We are a network of Catholics who want to Dare Great Things for Christ™. We are here to help you spread the Gospel of Christ effectively and deeply in your families, businesses and communities. We gather together to hear God's call to leadership and invite others to do the same.

Our Beginnings

When we founded the SJLN in 2018, it was with the intention of giving business professionals and owners the very best support, teaching and encouragement that the Catholic faith could offer. We wanted you to know that you were not alone and would never be alone as you tried to integrate your faith and business life together.

Today we have grown to be a network of Catholics from both the professional world and families as we provide retreats and instruction for the family and the workplace. Our network consists of adults of all ages and all stages in life, including professionals, parents, and grandparents.

Lead in your Family

As families become more and more under attack from this modern culture, it is imperative that we have strong leaders in our homes. The Saint John Leadership Network provides many resources to help you be a leader in your family, including: retreats, workshops, networking and prayer. Join likeminded Catholic leaders today!

Lead in your Profession

Traditional leadership concentrates on behavior in the workplace. Catholic leadership requires concentration on the heart which transforms your professional leadership. The Saint John Leadership Network provides training and opportunities to integrate the whole person–where faith and profession meets. Join us as we Raise Up Saints To Lead!