Bring Faith to Business

In many ways we are all asked to lead in our professions, whether we are the CEO or a teacher or an accountant. Leading in your profession through a Catholic lens is very different than employing traditional organizational leadership. The Saint John Leadership Network provides many avenues to integrate your faith into your professional leadership: retreats, masterclasses and weekly Leadership Live calls are among them. When faith and business leadership is integrated, virtue abounds. Join the Leadership Network and meet other Catholic professionals who share your passion for faith and leadership to help you succeed. Encompassing the whole spectrum of professional life and living in nearly every part of the country, our members share resources, prayer and mutual support.

We feature a 45-minute Monthly Business Leadership Series webinar where members share their experience and insights. Topics have included leading strategic growth, navigating the culture, managing up and across, and the Catholic guide to leading through anxiety.

Our masterclasses and workshops feature the AUDEO™ Leadership formation, a proprietary method for forming Catholic leaders.

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How we can help

Attend a retreat, come to a Masterclass, or plan a workshop for your employees. We offer both in-person and virtual events.

Individual Retreats

We offer a variety of retreats in Colorado and around the U.S. that will help you go deeper in faith and in understanding who God made you to be. From Men’s and Women’s Leadership retreats, to Date Nights, to Marian Mothers retreats SJLN has something for you.

“This retreat is an opportunity to have personal time with the Lord, and other Catholic women who are incorporating Him into their homes and businesses. From this retreat, we were able to form a business chapter in my community where Catholic business men and women meet for formation and fellowship with Fr. Nathan.”
~Danae Hoying, Danae’s On Fourth


The 4-day Masterclasses feature the AUDEOTM Leadership Methodology developed by Father Nathan Cromly. This is not your ordinary leadership training. This class will help you integrate faith and business so that you can truly create a plan for not only your personal growth, but one that you can apply to your organization.

“The members of our leadership team have all attended the Masterclass and it helped us to lead and discern good decisions in our business. Being a part of SJLN has given us the tools to be better leaders personally, and in our family and business.”
-Greg Hardig, Hardig Industrial Services

Customizable Workshop

Whether it is individual leadership, team building or creating the culture for your workplace, we can customize a workshop around your needs. Father Nathan relates these workshops to all audiences from Catholic professionals to secular work groups in an accessible, but authentic way.

“The workshop was tailored to all levels of management. Father Nathan did a wonderful job of overcoming some of the employees anxiety of listening to a Catholic priest. They came to the workshop hesitant with their guard up, but left feeling inspired to try and live a better life at work and at home.”
~Sandy Wells, Wells Brothers & PCI